Message from the Principal, Dr. da Silva

  • Congratulations on an Exciting End to 2017-2018 School Year!

    What an exciting year!  We have reached so many of our goals as learners. Our 6th graders have grown and are looking forward to the opportunities that middle school has to offer, our 7th graders have demonstrated that they are prepared to lead us next year, and we are sending our 8th graders out into the world of high school ready to take on any challenge!    We are continuing to prepare our students for college and their chosen careers through rigorous coursework and a wide variety of clubs and activities.  Next year will bring even more opportunities to make Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics come alive!  We are so proud of the accomplishments of our students and we invite you to visit us to see that, at Jenks Middle School, we are creating a Culture of Excellence!

The mission of Joseph Jenks Middle School, a culturally diverse community of life-long learners, is to provide opportunities for ALL students to become effective communicators and problem-solvers aspiring to the highest standards to succeed in a global economy.

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  • No Bully Pledge


    Here at Jenks, we are Jaguars 

    through and through. 

    We work hard and lead by example; 

    That is what we do. 

    We respect everyone- everywhere. 

    Everyday, this is true.

    But most of all, we do not bully...

    ...So why would YOU?


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  • How to Open a Combination Lock

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Red Team

RED TEAM (8th Grade)

Konstantina Sampalis:  Math

Marjorie Santos:  ELA

Joanne Pontifice:  Social Studies

Christopher Cote: Science  

Kimberly Eudy: Special Educator

Suzanne Feist: Special Educator

White Team

 WHITE TEAM (7th Grade) 

Paul Mendo:  Math

Brian Bourbon: ELA

Derrick Garforth:  Social Studies

Mary Ackerman: Science

Andrea Pendleton: Special Educator

Samantha Goldman: Special Educator

Blue Team

BLUE TEAM (7th/8th Grade)

Carlos Vieira: Math

Kayleigh Lagasse: ELA

Michael Magee: Social Studies

Susan Hall: Science

Lauren Rabbitt: Special Educator 7th Grade

Tracy Sousa: Special Educator 8th Grade


Here is some sample content

Yellow Team

YELLOW TEAM (6th Grade)

Sandy Leclerc: Math

Hayley Vanca: ELA

Andrew Leveille: Social Studies

June Stimson: Science

Kaitlyn Desjarlais: Special Educator

Green Team

GREEN TEAM (6th Grade)

Nicole DuPont: Math

Stephanie Misiaszek: ELA

Kayla Fleming: Science

Luca Rebussini: Social Studies

Debra Isabel: Special Educator

Carrie Taubenfeld: Special Educator

Orange Team


(6th/7th/8th Grades)

Meghan Mahan

Keri Bettencourt


Sandra Cotrone

William Guise

Nicole Emery

Wayde Labossiere

Heather Ogilvie

Jessica Parker




Susan Doss: Librarian

Anna Maldonado: Spanish

Melissa Taurisano: Art

Janet Daiber: Theatre

George Correia: Music

Sharon Bowen: Technology

Tammy Drape: Physical Education

Harris Nachbar: Physical Education

Peter Mallo: Physical Education

Veronika Choina: Literacy

Kriss Brinza: Math Intervention

Xiaojing Lao: Asian Language/Mandarin

Support Staff


Paul O'Neill, Ann Boucher, Kyle Heaton: Facilities Management

Officer Uve Sommer: Pawtucket Police


Al Travassos: Guidance Counselor (Yellow Team and 8th Grade)

Jill Rihani: Guidance Counselor (Green Team and 7th Grade)

Mary Ellen Bowron: Clerk

Diane LeBlanc: Clerk, JMW

Bob Clark: Speech Therapist

Brenda Pollock: Nurse

Karen Dube: Social Worker

Suelem Rosalino: Social Worker

Tanya Miyashiro-Silva: Psychologist

David Girard: Dean of Discipline

Antonio Morreira: Behavior Specialist

Geovanni Barros: Behavior Specialist

Polly Lehourites: Evaluation Team Leade